One of the most important pieces of learning a foreign language is vocabulary. Without learning vocabulary, one can’t speak, read, listen or write in the foreign language. So, what is a good way to make vocabulary learning easier? First, make sure you gather a group of words with a central them, for example shopping or community service.  Second, make vocabulary cards to review the words.  There are many apps for your phone making it easy to study the words while your are commuting to work, traveling from school, or waiting for sports to begin. Finally, try and use every word in  a sentence.  Be sure to note if the word is a noun, verb or adjective.  If you want to improve writing, you can then try and write out the words and sentences.  The important thing to keep in mind while studying flashcards is not to keep studying words that you know. Note the words you know and only study the ones you don’t know.  if you follow these steps, you will be amazed at what you will learn.